Tour of Julie’s studio room

I wanted to invite you into our studio so you could see where our recording sessions take place. Our studio is actually our dining room, which was added onto our house last year. In fact, this room was finished just in time to record my first album, Out Of The Deep, with producer Kevin McNoldy. This is also where I have my morning coffee … where we eat our family meals … and where my kids do their homework. It’s also where we gather with friends, break out our instruments and worship together.

In the video, you’ll see a newly acquired painting (painted by my late uncle, Art Neahring) titled “Man of Sorrows,” one of my favorites of his work. Creativity has been breaking through the generations in my family. And we embrace it fully.

Glad to invite you into our studio. Welcome!

Julie Bernstein's recording studio room 1
Julie Bernstein's recording studio room 2
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