Out of the Deep album credits

Julie Bernstein “Out of the Deep” album credits / liner notes:

All songs written by Julie Bernstein, with:

Janice Watson: Sanctuary, Unlock the Gates

Kevin McNoldy:
Battle Raging, Out of the Deep, Drinking My Tears, You Heal Me, Sanctuary, How Lovely, Dark Place, Simple Man, You Called Me Out, Unlock the Gates

Produced, engineered, mixed, and mastered by Kevin McNoldy.

Recorded at the Bernstein’s in VA and Cphonic Studios in NC.

Lead vocals, pianos: Julie Bernstein

Guitars, bass, keyboards, drums, background vocals: Kevin McNoldy

Additional background vocals on Dark Place: Justin Walton, Andrew Zapanta, Carin Edwards-Orr

Photography and Art Direction: Matt Bernstein

Thank you Matt, Isaiah, and Anna Lou for opening the door wide open for me to pursue and love the Lord with all my heart. Thank you friends and family for your patience and long suffering … seeing me through to the other side of the dark night. Thank you Kyle “The Path” Rannigan for pointing me in the right direction. And a huge thank you to Kevin “The Sword” McNoldy, “O Naphtali, you are rich in favor and full of the Lord’s blessings.”

Join Julie:

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