New song “Help Me” debuting at March 30th concert

I am so glad to be bringing a new song into the mix at this next concert at First United Methodist Church (March 30th, 2012). The name of the song is called “Help Me” and is based on Psalm 91. This song was written while I was praying a very simple yet heart felt prayer that went like this: “HELP.” In fact, the words for the song are taken almost word for word from a journal entry during that prayer time.

I did this song with my worship team for the first time a couple weeks ago and a good friend of mine said that this song is the most like ‘me’ out of the other songs I’ve written.

Also, I realize that the music behind the speaking in the video might be too much … too confusing. But when we ‘tried it out,’ we were amazed that my casual talking about the song lined up exactly with what the song was saying moment to moment. Have a listen!

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