Julie recording a new song “Fire In The Night”

If you’ve been following me on Facebook and Twitter, you’ll have heard that I’ve been writing more songs! The process of sharing these songs is never easy for me, even working with two of the greatest guys I know, my husband Matt Bernstein and music producer Kevin McNoldy. This video was taken just seconds before I played Fire In the Night for my husband for the first time. I was terrified! It’s one thing to have the songs swirling around on the inside of your head, or singing them out when no one is around. But it’s a completely different thing to sing them to or in front of another person … especially if they’re recording you! You’ll be happy to know that I survived this session (and I’m now snowed in after a big storm last night!).

Again, welcome to our studio where all of this great music is made. Soon you’ll see where Kevin works his magic on the songs in his studio in North Carolina. What a talented man!

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