Julie's Midwest Tour

I want to thank you all again for your generous support of me, especially these last 21 days during my Kickstarter campaign. Raising these funds has allowed us to fully fund our July tour, to finish up Fire in the Night, and to fully fund our next studio album! All because of YOUR generosity!

Also, the details are coming together for our July tour. We have booked all of our venues (7 shows in 10 days!) including a day of filming at Lexscape Studios. These shows are all free and open to the public because we really want to give back to YOU, who have been so generous to us! Thank you. A huge thanks also to everyone who has offered to host us in your homes & feed us on our travels. Your hospitality speaks volumes to us! This tour is happening because of the efforts of many. I can’t thank you enough, and I can’t wait to bring these concerts to your area … and beyond! Check out our tour schedule.

CD’s will be available for sale at my concerts. And now that the campaign is over, you can still get a 10% discount on online album purchases when you sign up for our Newsletter. Outside of the Kickstarter rewards, we'll have the upcoming albums added to the web store as soon as they're finished.

In closing, I must acknowledge the faithfulness of God to provide for us beyond what I was initially expecting. He has opened the door WIDE for us to continue on. He has strengthened my faith in the process, and emboldened me to continue on in all He would draw from me. He has the biggest “YES” that I know how to offer back to Him!

It’s my honor to continue walking this journey with all of you ….


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