Kickstarter Campaign Thank You

Julie’s Kickstarter Campaign Thank You’s

Earlier in 2013, after I had released the original EP of Fire In The Night, I ran a Kickstarter campaign that ended up successfully funding not only the remainder of Fire In The Night (resulting in the new 12-song album that’s available now), but also my first major tour in the summer of 2013, and my follow up album coming in 2014. There were hundreds of supporters who helped achieve this goal, and I’m incredibly thankful to each and every one of you. The Fire In The Night full CD project would not be here today if not for you!

One of the contribution “levels” was an online thank you for your help, in addition to the albums, concerts, and co-writing packages that we offered. So, without further adieu, here are my thank you’s--and to anyone who contributed at any level in the Kickstarter campaign, THANK YOU for helping me create this project. You are all part of this album, as much as every note of music.

Thank you to Rick, Sarah Neely, Alice and Alex Doyal, Andrew J. Zapanta, Richard & Betty Montoya, The Talbott Family, D & E, Joe and Mel Gammello, A Christian, DB, The Wardell family, Standing in Grace - Janice, Trisha Wolfgram, Bob and Sandra, Lance & Christie Thollander, Bruce and Julie Bannan, The Meyer Family, Lois Salaun, and Cliff and Carrie Woolley.

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