Kickstarter-final 5 hours

Thanks to your incredible support, we reached the Kickstarter stretch goal this morning, with pledges still coming in (the campaign officially ends at 10 pm tonight)!  Now I'll be able to send every contributor not just the complete Fire In The Night album of 12 songs (parts 1 and 2), but also another new studio album later this year.  THANK YOU so much for your help in contributing and sharing.  I'm blown away by the response I've received for the campaign, and from the messages I've read from so many people along the way.

Since we have made the stretch goal, for the next 5 hours you can take advantage of knowing for sure that you can get the next 2 CD's for $15 here (along with the other rewards if you are interested in them). I am so happy to be able to give back in this way!

Again, THANK YOU!!!

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