Kickstarter campaign-35 hours left

Hello again! We're headed into the final day of my Kickstarter campaign… it ends tomorrow, Sunday night, at 10:00 pm. We're currently $1358 away from reaching the stretch goal, which would enable me to send everyone who contributed a second album for free, in addition to all the thank you packages that will already be sent out. As I mentioned before, a basic contribution of $15 gets you the new Fire In The Night full CD (12 songs), and if we make the stretch goal in time, that same $15 will also include an extra CD album (12 songs) of new material to be produced in the recording studio! All thank you packages at any level will include this if we achieve the goal.

The most vital thing in these final moments is exposure, so if you're able to share the campaign with others, it helps greatly!

I want to thank everyone again for their help with my campaign--whether through a contribution or a share, you've had a profound impact on the future of my music and worship ministry. I can't wait to present all the new music from Fire In The Night 2 for you (as well as the additional project, if we make it!), and to perform for you on the upcoming July tour. I'll have the tour dates posted soon, and details about the upcoming projects. THANK YOU again for everything!

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