Julie's SongBook

Julie Bernstein Songbook 1
I’ve started putting together a songbook of some of my songs we’ve been doing lately and I wanted to make some of them available to you! It has been such a blessing to see other folks lead these songs and worship with them in our local church. Some are simple worship songs / choruses that are easy to put together with a band. Others are more involved (with layered vocal and string arrangements, etc). I wanted to make these available to you, my listeners and friends, so that you can take them into your homes and into your places of worship to stir your hearts with new music and expressions of worship. Enjoy!

Julie Bernstein Songbook 2

DOWNLOAD the zip file with all the songs here.

Or the individual song files here:

Behold (chart)
My Desire (chart)
My Desire (lead)
Seal (chart)
Seal (score)
Spirit of the Living God (chart)
Spirit of the Living God (score)
The Cross (chart)
The Cross (lead)
The Cross (piano score)
You Called Me Out (chart)
You Heal Me (chart)
Out Of The Deep (chart)
Out Of The Deep (lead)
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