Julie Bernstein's Homecoming Tour Part 2

Julie’s Tour Part 2

We’ve taken so many pictures along the way! Here are some more...

Madi learning a few chords quick-like before the show at Grandon Civic Center
Violinist Madi Vest learns guitar chords for a song

Grandon Civic Center
The Grandon Civic Center

Leading worship at East Jordan United Methodist Church on July 7th (my dad's birthday)
Julie leads worship at East Jordan Methodist Church

The young girl on the right w/ the heart necklace (Madeleine Geil) joined me on stage during "Help Me" and "Psalm 45”
Madeleine Geil joins Julie on stage

And more pictures from the concerts:
Julie Bernstein at East Jordan

Julie Bernstein and her touring band

Julie performs at the Grandon Civic Center

Julie Bernstein at the Grandon Civic Center 2

See the first set in Part 1...
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