Julie Bernstein's Homecoming Tour Part 1

Julie’s on tour!

The tour is underway… and I want to thank everyone again who contributed to my Kickstarter campaign or helped to make this all possible. The journey started out nicely, but we soon had to replace a tire on the way, which added 2 hours to the trip. That gave us 18 hours together in the van (I thought I knew these people before, but I really know them now!!). I’ve already met so many incredible people at the shows we’ve played so far, and I’m excited to see even more of you for the upcoming concert dates!

One of my tour interviews has been published online… take a look at SaukValley.com.

And we’re actually shooting an official music video for one of my songs, which is so exciting! This was tentatively planned for this trip, but now it’s definitely happening and I’ll have more news on it soon.

Here are plenty of photos from the tour so far:

Packed up and ready to go
Julie Bernstein's tour van and trailer

The first leg of our trip
Rainbow sky for the first leg of Julie's trip

Tire problems
Julie Bernstein's tour, tire trouble!

Almost there (last leg of the trip)
The last leg of the trip home to start Julie's tour

Freedom tour ... we saw fireworks displays all around as we got closer to my home (here we are at a gas station)
Fireworks all around as Julie comes home

Interview at a local radio station at 8:30am the morning after we arrived. They played my music all weekend.
Julie Bernstein's first radio interview for the tour

More pictures in Part 2
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