Happy New Year!

Happy New Year and welcome to 2013! I’m beginning this blog from the cold, cold, wintry tundra of northern Illinois where I grew up as a child. As I look back on 2012 and think ahead to a new year I’m reminded (because of my surroundings) of my humble beginnings in this little countryside: my little country school, the little country store, my little country church … and a rich, rich heritage of a lifetime of family, friends, farmland and a God that pursued me relentlessly, pursuing my very heart until I was completely & unmistakably His.

Those of you following my blog and my story know that music is a major theme in the (continuing) unfolding of restoration and reconciliation in me and it has been my joy to share in that journey with you.

2012 was a year of grace for us. We had ambitions of traveling a bit and doing shows and concerts, but an eight month bout of unemployment for my husband stopped any plans for a tour so we did what we could from home … record another album! In fact, in the middle of recording our next studio album (to be released in mid-February), we recorded and released “Awaken Me” just a couple of months ago in response to this question: “Julie, we want an album of you doing what you do at the piano before the Lord, just you singing at the piano…just worshiping. That’s what we want!” And so began the opening up of singing through the scriptures and worshiping, and recording … and during that time of recording, the Psalm 45 song was birthed. A full version of Psalm 45 will be on that next album. I cannot wait!

I am also grateful to be able to work with some of the most amazing and humble musicians that I know, most recently leading worship with violinist Madi Vest at the close of Advent 2012 at Christ Community Church, Charlottesville, VA. This was one of the most precious times of worship I’ve known. Thank you, Madi! I also have an incredible band, and ‘extras’ who play with me regularly, sing with me, some of whom will be featured on my next two releases. My warmest thanks to each of you!

I also want to humbly thank our producer, Kevin McNoldy, who has really taken a chance on me as an artist and musician, believing in me, believing in this music, and giving his best to bring this music to life and release it to the world. Kevin, you’ll never fully know the gratitude we have for you.

And finally, to all of you who continually inspire me and who spur me on to love and good works (Hebrews 10:24), I give you my deepest thanks. May your 2013 be a year of knowing a deep and abiding joy.

I sincerely wish you all the most Happiest of New Years!


Julie Bernstein celebrates New Years 2013
Julie Bernstein New Years in the snow covered landscape
Snow surrounds Julie Bernstein for New Years 2013
Julie Bernstein New Years 2013 snow surrounds the barn
Julie Bernstein enjoys the snow covered landscape for New Years 2013
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