‘Hallelujah’ section of “It’s About Glory” video

The Hallelujah

This singing of the “hallelujah” comes at the end of my Christian worship / praise song “It’s About Glory,” a song written while I was sitting on the couch asking the Lord, “Why am I a musician? What is this all about? Why am I a worship leader? Why am I a songwriter? I didn’t set out to become a song writer. I didn’t even set out to become a singer! What is this all about?!?” Almost immediately the Lord began answering my questions and hi-lighting certain words: It’s about glory, and mercy. It’s about salvation, redemption … joining with the “holy holy holy…” and then he began to hi-light the word “hallelujah,” big time! I really got the sense that he wanted to revitalize the ‘hallelujah” or to renew the singing of the ‘hallelujah.” This video captures the final ‘hallelujahs’ of this song.
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