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I have been so moved by the heart and story of Linnea White, one of the dancers for our Night of Hope and Reconciliation, who I met earlier this year just as the Lord was doing a huge transformative work in her life … literally from the inside out … as He called her out as a dancer once again. Linnea shares about how she gave herself to the vulnerability of this process of restoration in her life, which included the rebuilding and strengthening of her identity in the Lord as a dancer. Linnea was made to dance! I am incredibly humbled and honored that she will be dancing to one of my pieces at our concert this Saturday. This is a dream come true for me!

- Julie


That’s what He called me. That’s what He named me. That’s how He created me.

I grew up dancing. I trained from age three at a dance studio that instilled in me this truth: my body is an instrument to glorify The Lord. I continued to dance in college, growing in new techniques and styles, but the truth behind the movement had been quieted, along with my passion for The Lord. But my identity was never lost, only muted for a season.

Last year, God began a work in my heart, healing and restoring me from the inside-out. Last November, He called me out as 'dancer.' It was also around that time I began regularly attending dance class at The Farm House Cville led by Lauren Stonestreet, the beautiful friend God connected me with three years ago to restore our identities as dancers. He began a work of restoration in me, and He used (and continues to use and will continue to use) dance as a medium to heal my soul.

These last few months creating with The Farm House dancers for A Night of Hope and Reconciliation, I've seen the Lord make not just me a new dancer, but the beautiful ladies I'm dancing with as well. The vulnerability and intimacy of our time spent together has been rich with restoration of sisterhood, community, and the individual.

The Lord has continually affirmed that I am a dancer. I am a worshiper and a warrior, a woman of God restored by the blood of Christ, clothed in the armor of God, walking in confidence with the sword of the Spirit.

I am honored and humbled to join alongside the many talented artists from the Charlottesville community for this project. May this night bring restoration to the city. May this movement release healing among His people. May this worship be a humble offering to our Lord.

Linnea White

Dancer Linnea White 1Dancer Linnea White 2Dancer Linnea White 3
3 photos above by Lauren Stonestreet

Dancer Linnea White 4
Photo above by Stephen Stonestreet.

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