Guest blogger: Cristina Rutkowski

Friends, I am incredibly honored to have featured artist Cristina Rutkowski share about her journey as an artist and her journey in creating for our Night of Hope and Reconciliation. Cristina's work is another example of the months of heartfelt, Spirit-led preparations that went into this night to serve our community and to bring hope to our hurting world. Cristina's work reflects the process of reconciliation and the restoration of hope in her own life, and as you read her story, I pray you will be encouraged in your walk as well.

After reading this, you may want to view her work again, which will be on display through October and November at Christ Community Church during office hours, 9-5. Cristina, thank you for baring your heart and soul through your words and visual art for the healing and restoring of our community.

- Julie

Link to blog:

Cristina Rutkowski Hope and Reconciliation
Commissioned piece for the Night of Hope and Reconciliation

Cristina Rutkowski display at Christ Community Church
Cristina Rutkowski’s work on display at Christ Community Church

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