"Grieve" lyric video posted

In the middle of the rush surrounding my Kickstarter campaign, I neglected to mention that my friend Rich Crowe posted the lyric video for my song Grieve from Fire In The Night Part 1. This is the second lyric video for me--the first is Out of the Deep, which has received 53,000 views so far!

This is a busy time, with the Kickstarter campaign finishing this weekend, and the July tour dates finalized. I’ll have all the information on the tour posted soon, and if you’re able to share my Kickstarter page with anyone, it’s a huge help in getting the exposure I need before Sunday. Thank you again to everyone who has helped support me via a contribution or a share!

I’m feeling lots of pressure going into the weekend, but it’s good to stop for a few moments and listen to music! So, here is Grieve:

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