Fire In The Night 12 song album released!

Julie Bernstein’s Fire In The Night 12-song full album released!

It may seem like deja vu, since I’ve previously announced a release with the same title, but today I’ve launched the full 12-song album release for Fire In The Night. Earlier this year, I released a Part 1 EP, and this new release includes those songs plus many more, making it a complete CD album of all my latest music. It was inspired by the story in Exodus where God reveals himself as a pillar of Cloud by day and a pillar of Fire by night, leading the Israelites out of a place of bondage. They were never without his presence & leadership leaving Egypt! This album is a symbol of God meeting me in my ‘dark night’ and how He led me out of it through the songwriting process.

The album is available in CD form from my homepage, and in download form through iTunes and Amazon (as well as most online retailers).

Fire In The Night album credits

All songs written by Julie Bernstein, except:
Season of Singing: Kevin McNoldy & Julie Bernstein
Behold: Rebecca McEntire & Julie Bernstein

Produced, mixed, and mastered by Kevin McNoldy

Recorded at the Bernstein's in VA by Matt & Julie Bernstein

Graphics and Art Direction by Brian Brubaker

Photography by Matt Bernstein

The musicians:
Lead Vocals and Piano:  Julie Bernstein
Background Solo Vocals:  Justin Walton
Drums:  Jessie Gonzalez
Guitars, Bass, Keyboards, Drum Programming, "Group" Background Vocals:  Kevin McNoldy


Fire In The Night, It's About Glory
Violin:  Madi Vest
Flute:  Karen Brubaker

Psalm 45
Viola:  Justin Walton
Glockenspiel:  Julie Bernstein
Bass:  Matt Conklin

Violin: Madi Vest
Bass: Matt Conklin

In the Secret
Drums: Brian Caputo

Help Me
Electric Guitar:  Isaiah Bernstein

Agnus Dei
Singers: Dubie Dubendorfer, Paul Ferlan, Justin Walton, Andrew Zapanta, Julie Bernstein, Carin Edwards-Orr

©℗ 2013 Cphonic Records.  All rights reserved.

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