Fire In The Night album credits

Julie Bernstein “Fire In The Night” album credits

All songs written by Julie Bernstein.
Produced, mixed, and mastered by Kevin McNoldy.
Recorded at the Bernstein’s in VA by Matt & Julie Bernstein.
Arrangements by Julie Bernstein.
Graphics and Art Direction by Matt Bernstein.

The musicians:
Lead vocals and piano: Julie Bernstein
Background solo vocals: Justin Walton
Drums: Jessie Gonzalez Jr.
Guitars, bass, keyboards, “group” background vocals: Kevin McNoldy


Fire In The Night & It’s About Glory
Violin: Madi Vest
Flute: Karen Brubaker

Help Me
Electric Guitar: Isaiah Bernstein

Psalm 45
Bass: Matt Conklin
Viola: Justin Walton
Glockenspiel: Julie Bernstein

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