D E M O S // the throne

I have been in an intensive season of listening and writing and I wanted to share a little bit of that process with you! This means that I will be sharing a few demos, a few songs-of-the-Lord that have been stirring in intensity over these last months, songs that will change & blossom as we ‘work them out’ with the gifts afforded to us. I am incredibly grateful to be in a season of life where I am able to really pour into writing, recording, and producing (which entails hours of listening, nurturing, faith, and boldness)! Here is a short write-up of this first demo I’m sharing this week.

This new demo of “The Throne” began when I was entering into worship at home one morning and I was overcome with the knowledge (and the picture) of the myriads of worshipers in heaven and on earth pouring out before the Lord in all Spirit and Truth. It was a resounding, pure, POWERFUL, bold, and steady sound of “Holy, Holy, Holy.” A sound that was and is continual and growing, like the ‘sound of many waters,’ full of awe, full of millions of hearts captivated in worship. Layers upon layers upon layers of a growing heart-response to the Lord. This sound is growing even now, and I was deeply encouraged in my faith as I joined with heaven’s song and sound as my eyes were being opened to this reality. Oh, how my hope was stirred!

This demo is my first attempt at capturing a glimpse of that emotion. This is just the beginning of laying down some early tracks. by myself. in my home. in my prayer closet. before the Lord.


All around Your throne they’re crying holy, holy
The elders casting down their crowns say holy, holy
As more and more encounter You say holy, holy
The waves of worship rising crying holy, holy

All around Your throne a growing holy, holy
As more and more encounter You crying glory, glory
As saints and sinners find new life cry holy, holy
We join with heavens song and cry out holy, holy

Holy, holy, holy, holy

©Julie Bernstein

Julie Bernstein The Throne demo

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