D E M O S // cast our crowns

One of my great joys this year has been starting a songwriter’s group at the local church where I serve as worship director. My heart in this has been to encourage the release of the song-of-the-Lord in this season for our body and for our community. I was surprised to discover 15+ proficient & budding writers in our mid-sized church who were ready to run with this together! I truly believe there is a ‘new song’ rising in our midst, and this release of the song-of-the-Lord is about to be birthed as we continue to nurture this gift in one another. This sound clip of the chorus to ‘Cast Our Crowns’ is my early response to honor the Lord in what He is bringing forth in this new season of release.


We cast our crowns on this hallowed ground
Where You’re bringing life and a brand new sound

© 2018 Julie Bernstein

Julie Bernstein Cast Our Crowns demo

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