Christmas Song

Merry Christmas from our family to you! Please download and enjoy our “Christmas Song” that I wrote two years ago while pondering the themes of: the transcendent nature of God, the John 1:14 mystery “the Word became flesh and made his dwelling among us”, the John 8:12 mystery “I am the light of the world”, and ultimately God’s deep love for us which moves him to act for our good.

This recording is especially meaningful to me because I wrote it and recorded it the day before Thanksgiving with my family (my son on guitar, my daughter on violin & bells, I played keys & some drum, and my husband recorded us all) - while we were in the middle of preparing for a major family road trip! We sent our tracks to Kevin on Thanksgiving night and he mixed and mastered the song over his vacation to have it ready to release for Advent / Christmas. Thank you, Kevin!!

Click on the links below to download the song, lyrics, + chord chart.

And Merry Christmas!

Christmas Song
verse 1
You took on flesh
With no regrets
Light of the world stepped down for me
Stepped down for me

verse 2
Joy to the world he gave us
His love provoked to save us
Withholding nothing giving all
He stepped inside

This earth, this womb of eternity
This babe, this King, royalty
Who came to set captives free
Our King, who reigns in VICTORY
Our King, who reigns in VICTORY

verse 3
All glory, praise, and honor
To our wise King forever
You are the hope of all the world
Of all the world

© 2013 Julie Bernstein


Recorded by: Matt Bernstein
Piano, vocal, drum: Julie Bernstein
Guitar: Isaiah Bernstein
Violin, bells: Anna Lou Bernstein
Mixed and mastered by Kevin McNoldy
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