“Battle Raging” live at the “Fire In The Night” concert

Here’s another song from my last concert … “Battle Raging.” For several of these songs, I just can’t make them big enough! In fact, the concert on Saturday will be even bigger than this one, so please join us! Read More...

One year anniversary of Out Of The Deep

It’s been one year since the release of my debut album, “Out of the Deep,” and WOW! I’ve been overwhelmed with the love and support of so many people. Out of the Deep is so much more than an album to me. It’s a narrative, an account of me emerging from a place of weakness & hopelessness and into a place of strength, of something new & beautiful.

When I think back to what it took to produce this CD, I have to give testimony to the hand of God in it all. He truly showed himself strong in my weakness. I was so timid and ill-equipped to start (I didn’t even have a band!). My husband and I asked the Lord to ‘send a producer into our lap’ ~ a producer of His choosing for this project. We soon met Kevin McNoldy. Kevin was a rock to us. He patiently walked us through the entire process up to the release and beyond. The process of writing, connecting with our producer, submitting songs to him, recording, and giving concerts challenged and strengthened us in ways we never imagined possible. I am both strengthened and emboldened to continue on. And that’s a God thing! Hallelujah!

I’m still not sure what’s in store for 2013, other than lots more music! (writing, recording, & concerts!) I’m also excited about two new albums that will be coming out soon!
Stay tuned!

Julie’s upcoming events for summer 2012

I would like to share with you some upcoming events where I will be playing and leading worship. Feel free to check out the details on the links below or use the contact form if you have particular questions.

August 19th: I will be guest leading worship at one of our sister churches – Grace Covenant Church of Roanoke. Looking forward to this opportunity to serve within our network!

August 24th, 25th, 26th: Leading worship at Horizon Women’s Retreat (closed event).

More to be announced soon… check back for the details as they’re posted, or join in the conversation on Twitter or Facebook. Hope to see you soon!

Tour of Julie’s studio room

I wanted to invite you into our studio so you could see where our recording sessions take place. Our studio is actually our dining room, which was added onto our house last year. In fact, this room was finished just in time to record my first album, Out Of The Deep, with producer Kevin McNoldy. This is also where I have my morning coffee … where we eat our family meals … and where my kids do their homework. It’s also where we gather with friends, break out our instruments and worship together.

In the video, you’ll see a newly acquired painting (painted by my late uncle, Art Neahring) titled “Man of Sorrows,” one of my favorites of his work. Creativity has been breaking through the generations in my family. And we embrace it fully.

Glad to invite you into our studio. Welcome!

Julie’s message of Happy New Year to everyone

Happy New Year from blustery northern Illinois! I have so much to be thankful for in 2011. Last year at this time I was still waiting to meet our producer, Kevin McNoldy, who made this project possible. “Thank you, Kevin! We couldn’t have done this without you.” We’re eagerly looking forward to what 2012 will bring, putting our complete trust in the Lord, knowing that His ways are higher than our ways. Happy New Year, and as you plan for 2012, may you find yourselves in total abandon to His will & ways!

I don’t follow the tradition of making a New Years resolution, but my prayer for myself entering this new year is that my confidence in the Lord would override my tendency towards anxiety. Oh that my confidence would rest solely on Him! Read More...

Interview with Julie about the making of “Out of the Deep”

Interview with female Christian artist Julie Bernstein about the making of her debut album, “Out of the Deep.” She explains the how she found the courage to begin writing songs after a long absence from music.


Pictures from the Oct. 28th 2011 concert

Julie’s show in late October 2011 was again a huge success!

Thanks to everyone who joined Julie and her band for this event. The room was alive with the Holy Spirit during the show, as you can see in the pictures: Read More...

The Oct. 14th 2011 debut concert!

Julie Bernstein’s first show on October 14th, 2011 was a huge success.

Thank you to everyone who came to this event, and remember: On Friday, October 28th, Julie and her incredible band will perform another free show at Christ Community Church in Charlottesville, Virginia. Show time is 8:00 pm, and CDs will be available for purchase. Join us for an amazing night of music!
And now some pictures from the first show:

Julie’s band rehearsals for the upcoming concerts

Julie’s band for her upcoming CD release concert supporting “Out of the Deep”

Julie's band for her Out Of The Deep CD release concert Read More...

Out of the Deep is available now

It’s officially October 4th, which can only mean one thing…

It’s the official release of Julie Bernstein’s Out of the Deep.

The album is available now on iTunes and Amazon. Please leave a review there, and also let us know on Facebook what you think! Thanks to everyone involved for bringing this project to life! Read More...

Out of the Deep production notes

Christian music artist Julie Bernstein’s “Out of the Deep” production notes

“Out of the Deep,” Christian artist Julie Bernstein’s debut album, was recorded over a six month period in late 2010 and early 2011. Producer / engineer Kevin McNoldy laid down the basic arrangements at his own Cphonic Studios in North Carolina, and then packed up his car with a portable recording system designed specifically for the project.

The Bernstein’s house in Virginia served as the “studio” when piano and vocals were recorded… there was a new front area “sun room” added just in the nick of time before Kevin’s first arrival. After testing out a few different areas of the house, it was decided that the sun room had the perfect vibe and acoustics for what the project needed, despite the occasional bird chirping coming through the windows. The room quickly changed from an open, vibrant sitting and eating area into a mad scientist’s lab of sorts, with recording equipment, microphones, cables, and computers everywhere. Read More...

Out of the Deep album credits

Julie Bernstein “Out of the Deep” album credits / liner notes:

All songs written by Julie Bernstein, with:

Janice Watson: Sanctuary, Unlock the Gates

Kevin McNoldy:
Battle Raging, Out of the Deep, Drinking My Tears, You Heal Me, Sanctuary, How Lovely, Dark Place, Simple Man, You Called Me Out, Unlock the Gates

Produced, engineered, mixed, and mastered by Kevin McNoldy.

Recorded at the Bernstein’s in VA and Cphonic Studios in NC. Read More...