Behind the Songs: It's About Glory

Song stories & lyrics from the album Fire in the Night: It’s About Glory

Do you ever find yourself asking the most basic questions of God … again … and again … and again? I was sitting on my couch one morning, pen and paper in hand, asking the most elementary of questions -again- of my heavenly Father. His patience towards me was (and is) overwhelmingly beautiful, his boundless love bids me ‘come’ into fellowship with him and ask! This song was written in that context: sitting before the Lord asking questions and listening to his answers.

Just some of my questions that day:
What am I doing here again? (basically, why am I on the planet?)
Why am I living here? (in this particular town)
Why did you make me this way? (I wasn’t complaining, I was just wondering!)
Why am I a musician? Why did you equip me and train me up in this way?

As he began to answer, I began jotting down his words! Then, of course, I had more questions:
-What is my responsibility as a worship leader?
-What am I taking for granted as a songwriter?
-What are we taking for granted in our gatherings?
-What am I taking for granted as a worship leader?

And finally:
-What is it all about anyway?

He began to answer with these words: “It’s about my glory, mercy, and redemption. I did it all for you. It’s about salvation, joining in the ‘worthy is the Lamb of God, Amen.’ He began hi-lighting words, including the ‘hallelujah,” which is repeated at the end of this song.

Let this song be a reminder to you of the glorious riches we have in Christ!


It’s About Glory

It’s about glory
and mercy
It’s about redemption
He did it all for you

It’s about salvation
Seeing His Majesty
Joining in the “worthy is the Lamb of God Amen”

Worthy, we sing hallelujah
To the Lamb of God on His throne
Glory, glory and honor
All praise to You alone

He’s given us freedom
And eyes to see
We’re full of His Spirit
With a crown of glory

We get to join with the angels
And give our praise
Joining with the “holy holy holy is our God”

Hallelujah Hallelujah Hallelujah Hallelujah
Hallelujah Hallelujah Hallelujah Hallelujah

© 2012 Julie Bernstein

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