Behind the Songs: Fire In The Night

Song stories & lyrics from the album Fire in the Night: Fire In The Night

Fire In The Night references the story in Exodus where God reveals himself (his presence & leadership) to the Israelites as a “Pillar of cloud by day and a Pillar of fire by night.” In other words, the Israelites were never without his direction and leadership leaving Egypt. He was never not there! The ‘fire’ and ‘night’ in this song paint a picture of the Lord revealing himself to me as a “Fire in the Night” … leading me out of an allegorical ‘Egypt‘ in the middle of a dark night. The song basically came in the middle of a literal night: “FIRE IN THE NIGHT, HERE I COME.” In essence, I am saying YES to the way and the where and the how the Lord will lead me in this song-writing season.

Fire In the Night

In the darkness hides a light
A heart of darkness tries to hide
And like a kite she wants to fly away
Runnin’ from the light of day

In the shadows hides a cry
Will she live or will she die
But like the cloud by day
You shine by night (with fire)
With Your pillar burning bright

Fire in the night here I come
Here I come
Here I come
Fire in the night here I come
Here I come
Here I come

Lift your eyes oh child of mine
A heart in darkness you will find
No longer wills to bring you peace of mind
But will put you to a death in time

Hear the song of ancient times
A song of deliverance and with a rhyme
In the light of day I’ve called you mine
Now take this light and let it shine

In the night a voice is heard
Will you trust me Word for Word
A fire in the night I’ve come to you
A fire in the night I’ve come

© 2012 Julie Bernstein

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