“Battle Raging” live at the “Fire In The Night” concert

Here’s another song from my last concert … “Battle Raging.” For several of these songs, I just can’t make them big enough! In fact, the concert on Saturday will be even bigger than this one, so please join us!

Lyrics to Battle Raging:
Today I feel the battle raging
My soul if fights, anticipating
The prowl, the hunt, the battle raging
For my life

I stand to face the enemy strong
My gaze on You, my battle armor on
I will not fear for You have bought me
With your life

Break forth into praise, oh my soul

Unto the lifter of my head
Unto the One who didn’t leave me for dead
Unto the Mighty Lord of Hosts
You are the lifter of my head

…and we sing Your praise…
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