Out of the Deep production notes

Christian music artist Julie Bernstein’s “Out of the Deep” production notes

“Out of the Deep,” Christian artist Julie Bernstein’s debut album, was recorded over a six month period in late 2010 and early 2011. Producer / engineer Kevin McNoldy laid down the basic arrangements at his own Cphonic Studios in North Carolina, and then packed up his car with a portable recording system designed specifically for the project.

The Bernstein’s house in Virginia served as the “studio” when piano and vocals were recorded… there was a new front area “sun room” added just in the nick of time before Kevin’s first arrival. After testing out a few different areas of the house, it was decided that the sun room had the perfect vibe and acoustics for what the project needed, despite the occasional bird chirping coming through the windows. The room quickly changed from an open, vibrant sitting and eating area into a mad scientist’s lab of sorts, with recording equipment, microphones, cables, and computers everywhere. Read More...