4th album is almost here!

I’m writing with a quick update on the progress of my 4th album which, thanks to a lot of Kickstarter love, I was able to write and record this year! I just handed all of the completed songs over to our producer last week so they are now in his hands to produce, mix, and master. We’re looking at a November release date …

To give you a glimpse of what to expect, this album finds me writing and recording from a place of greater healing and joy! The Lord has used the songwriting process to bring me into a greater understanding of His love and purposes. He’s given revelation & the illumination of His word as gifts along the way, and deep presence, which has been both life and joy to me!

Thank you for your continued support which has allowed me to continue growing as a musician, writer, recording artist, and worship leader.

Many, many thanks!


Julie's new 2014 album will be released soon