New website and Kickstarter campaign

Julie’s new website & Kickstarter campaign

Hello, and welcome to the relaunch of! The new site includes a homepage webstore, since I get a lot of requests from people wanting to purchase physical CDs.

I’m also excited to announce the launch of my Kickstarter campaign! Kickstarter is a crowd-funding platform that helps artists like me fund their creative projects. Anyone who contributes is “pre-paying” for an album or package of rewards that I send out after the funding process is complete and the project is finished. On my Kickstarter page, you’ll see that there are many rewards / thank you packages on the right side of the window to choose from. So, if you make a pledge, you’re not just putting money into my project, you’re getting a lot in return!

Among the choices I’ve created, you can get signed copies of the new album before the official release, tickets for you and a guest to a pre-release listening party, writing a song together or recording a song of your choice for you, private concerts, and a worship weekend for your church including a mini-workshop with your entire music ministry.

My first album, Out of the Deep, was released two years ago, followed by my piano / vocal devotional album Awaken Me in 2012, and 2013 saw the release of another studio album, Fire In The Night Part 1. The Kickstarter campaign is for the follow-up, Fire In The Night Part 2, as well as to help with my tour of the Midwest coming up in July. I’ve funded half of what’s needed myself, and I have about three weeks left to raise the remaining $8000.

Every little bit helps, even a pledge of $1! You can also help tremendously by spreading the word, through sharing this blog post with others, or the details of my campaign through Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube, LinkedIn, Pinterest, other blogs, instant messages, or even a phone call to a family member or friend.

Thank you for your continued support! I appreciate everyone who has helped me along the way, and I’m so excited to share my new music with everyone, from the new album and the upcoming tour!

Here is the Kickstarter video, which explains all the details: