Upcoming Fall Concert

As promised, here is an update on what I’ve been working on this year! Many of you know that I’ve been planning a fall concert (October 1st!), bringing in various expressions of the arts including: visual arts, dance, spoken word, and music as a means toward healing, reconciliation, and restoration in our city. I have met so many artists whose deep heart desire is to use their work for reconciliation, for the breaking down of the things that divide us and then pressing into the things that unite us as a people. In fact, the theme of several artists’ work I’m bringing in is reconciliation and restoration, which is proof to me that the Lord is stirring hearts to that end. He knows what we need in this season to break the cycle we’ve found ourselves in as a culture, as a people. We look to You, oh Lord, for our help!

This concert is also a celebration of my most recent release, You Are My Joy, where you will hear large-scale productions of ‘The Cross’ (Philippians 2), the message of this song painting a clear picture of Jesus as our Savior, and ‘Seal’ (Song of Solomon 8:6-7) which talks about a Love that burns like a mighty flame, a Love that cannot be quenched that is ours in Jesus. We will also be doing the wedding song from ‘Psalm 45’ (yes, there will be bells!!) that paints a picture of ‘the bride making herself ready!’ as well as spirituals, a few songs from my older albums, works by other artists, and … we will be worshiping together!

As preparations continue for this concert, I urge you to pray for the many artists coming together for this event: That they will be encouraged and emboldened in their gifts, that they will be spurred on to do all that God is calling them to do, I ask that you pray for MASSIVE healing and reconciliation in our community and city, and for increased zeal for our Lord. Oh that He would be pleased with His children moving out in freedom!

I will keep you updated with pictures and video footage of some of our preparations (I’ve already been in tears twice while watching footage of our dancers rehearsing)! There are many moving parts to make this concert a reality: singers, dancers, pray-ers, musicians, painters, writers, etc. all preparing to give of themselves for something bigger than themselves. I am in awe of the gifts that surround us in this city and region.

And as always, I am grateful for the love and support of the many who have been a constant and steady voice of encouragement to me along the way. The Lord is faithful!

Hope to see you on October 1st!