New Christmas Song, free download

Our Gift to You!

In the spirit of giving this Christmas season, please accept my gift to YOU: a free download of my new Christmas Song, written and recorded with my family just a couple weeks ago!

This recording was especially fun for me because we worked on it together as a family: My son on guitar, my daughter on violin & bells, and me on keys & drum. My husband recorded us the day before Thanksgiving when we should have been baking pies and packing for our vacation! But when inspiration hits, I’ve learned to respond! (This inspiration just happened to come upon us the day before a major family road trip). I submitted the song to our producer, Kevin McNoldy, on Thanksgiving night and he worked through his vacation mixing and mastering in order to bring this music to you for your Advent & Christmas celebrations. Read More...

Behind the Songs: It's About Glory

Song stories & lyrics from the album Fire in the Night: It’s About Glory

Do you ever find yourself asking the most basic questions of God … again … and again … and again? I was sitting on my couch one morning, pen and paper in hand, asking the most elementary of questions -again- of my heavenly Father. His patience towards me was (and is) overwhelmingly beautiful, his boundless love bids me ‘come’ into fellowship with him and ask! This song was written in that context: sitting before the Lord asking questions and listening to his answers.

Just some of my questions that day:

Behind the Songs: Grieve

Song stories & lyrics from the album Fire in the Night: Grieve

This song addresses the contradictions of my heart: a heart that’s ‘prone to wander,’ and at the same time, a heart that has a deep love for the Lord Jesus. My real desire is to love the Lord with all of my heart, soul, mind, and strength. But I fall. And I forget. And then I run back to him again. This song finds me running back to him again, reminiscent of the parable of the prodigal son running back to his father.

Grieve

Behind the Songs: Awaken Me

Song stories & lyrics from the album Fire in the Night: Awaken Me

It had been years of an on-and-off-again wrestling match, the kind of wrestling match that’s hedged in by the heart, the soul, the spirit, the mind … and waning strength. The kind of wrestling match that attaches itself to the issues of the heart & the call of God on your life. When I finally yielded, God - in his mysterious ways - brought healing, redemption, and his river of unspeakable joy. And I started making music again.

Once he had my full attention, he had a question for me: The Lord wanted to know the desire of my heart. He wanted to hear it from me. And that desire was to be awakened. To be awakened to the song I knew he wanted to call forth from me. Awaken me, Lord. Awake harp, awake lyre! (Ps. 108). I will praise you among the nations. Awaken me to sing. For great is your love, higher than the heavens. Again I say: Awake, harp and lyre. Awaken me to sing!

This song is featured on the main page of this website, please listen!

Awaken Me

Behind the Songs: Fire In The Night

Song stories & lyrics from the album Fire in the Night: Fire In The Night

Fire In The Night references the story in Exodus where God reveals himself (his presence & leadership) to the Israelites as a “Pillar of cloud by day and a Pillar of fire by night.” In other words, the Israelites were never without his direction and leadership leaving Egypt. He was never not there! The ‘fire’ and ‘night’ in this song paint a picture of the Lord revealing himself to me as a “Fire in the Night” … leading me out of an allegorical ‘Egypt‘ in the middle of a dark night. The song basically came in the middle of a literal night: “FIRE IN THE NIGHT, HERE I COME.” In essence, I am saying YES to the way and the where and the how the Lord will lead me in this song-writing season.

Fire In the Night