Kickstarter campaign-stretch goal

We're now drawing very close to achieving our Kickstarter stretch goal of $12,000! Thank you again to everyone who has contributed to the campaign… I am so very thankful for your support!

To anyone who has thought about purchasing my music, or given Out of the Deep a listen on my lyric video, this "stretch goal" on Kickstarter has been set to go beyond anything listed in the Thank You packages you receive for your contribution. If we reach this new goal with your help, it will enable me to record ANOTHER studio album after Fire In The Night, which is what the initial campaign was for (along with the accompanying tour in July). This extra album would be sent to contributors FOR FREE around the end of the year!

The basic Fire In The Night 12-song CD (parts 1 and 2 combined) is the reward for a contribution of $15, with larger packages available that include my other albums Out Of The Deep and Awaken Me. If we reach the new goal, that same $15 pledge will now include this second album of 12 songs. So, $15 gets you two albums instead of one, with no extra charges for shipping. That's a huge savings off of what these albums would cost online after this campaign, since they're priced at $12 each, plus shipping.

If enough people choose this $15 contribution, we can reach the goal before the campaign ends this Sunday night. Please share this blog post or my campaign with anyone you can think of--anyone who is interested in my music, or even someone who likes to get a bargain with 2 CDs for the price of 1! Every share can get us that much closer to achieving the stretch goal.

I'll have my July tour dates posted shortly… everything is ready to go! I'm so excited for the tour, and the upcoming album(s)! Thanks again to everyone for your support.

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