'Live’ video footage of “Help Me”

'Live’ video footage of “Help Me” from our Night of Hope and Reconciliation: For the City, Through the Arts

I am so glad to finally share this video of my song “Help Me,” filmed live during our Night of Hope and Reconciliation: For the City, Through the Arts. To work with so many musicians, singers, and artists from our city was (and is!) one of my greatest joys. In this video you’ll see beautiful choreography by Lauren Stonestreet (in collaboration with dancers from The Farm House), children’s choir Higher Voices, a community choir, and community strings performing on one of the most personal songs I’ve ever written from Psalm 91. Many thanks to dancers Rebecca Lee (solo), Sarah MIcoch, Lauren Stonestreet, and Linnea White who captured the heart and depth of this song in their choreography and presentation. Many thanks also to Caleb Gritsko and Matt Bernstein for the filming and editing. I am so very very blessed to be sharing this with you!

* a description about the choreography is included in the “Show More” section of the video.

Help Me
Help me, Help me
I don’t want to be manipulated by a personality
Help me, Help me
Don’t want to be catapulted into a false reality
Help me, Help me
It has to be You ....

Help me, Help me
As the arrows fly by day
As the terrors come my way
Oh help me, Help me
Though ten thousand fall by my side
I’ll see with my own eyes how You’ll
Help me, Help me
I’m crying out to You
You are my fortress

I will rest in You, find shelter from the storm
I will rest in the shadow of Almighty
I will rest in You, find shelter from the storm
I will rest in the shadow of You ...

© 2012 Julie Bernstein


Julie's SongBook

Julie Bernstein Songbook 1
I’ve started putting together a songbook of some of my songs we’ve been doing lately and I wanted to make some of them available to you! It has been such a blessing to see other folks lead these songs and worship with them in our local church. Some are simple worship songs / choruses that are easy to put together with a band. Others are more involved (with layered vocal and string arrangements, etc). I wanted to make these available to you, my listeners and friends, so that you can take them into your homes and into your places of worship to stir your hearts with new music and expressions of worship. Enjoy!

Julie Bernstein Songbook 2

DOWNLOAD the zip file with all the songs here.

Or the individual song files here:

Behold (chart)
My Desire (chart)
My Desire (lead)
Seal (chart)
Seal (score)
Spirit of the Living God (chart)
Spirit of the Living God (score)
The Cross (chart)
The Cross (lead)
The Cross (piano score)
You Called Me Out (chart)
You Heal Me (chart)
Out Of The Deep (chart)
Out Of The Deep (lead)


Sonosynthesis 2018 Concert
Joining with Cari Shipp (flute), Juliana Marin (soprano), and Parker Stanley (guitar) on Friday, April 27th, 7pm for SONOSYNTHESIS. Event info & Tickets


Soon announcing...

Soon announcing our night of “Songs Arising from the Church!”



e4 Worship Training Seminar registration

e4 Worship Training Seminar
Registration is now open for our e4 Worship Training Seminar! The seminar is meant to encourage and further equip worship team leaders, team members, and those interested in serving on worship teams. How does a team blend musical excellence with a heart of worship? How does a team work together to serve the greater good in our churches and communities? What are an individual member’s responsibilities? This seminar will also include encouragement for those with creative gifts including song writing and visual arts.

The seminar is sponsored by e4 Partnership, but folks from any church are invited.

Seminar will be at Christ Community Church from 9:00am through 12:00pm on Saturday, March 3rd, followed by a lunch provided free for those who register by February 26th. Walk-in registrations accepted at the door if space allows.

I am honored to lead this seminar for current and potential worship team members!

Julie Bernstein
Christ Community Church
Charlottesville, VA

Register here